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We earthquake retrofit homes and buildings to current building code standards.

Safe homes and buildings are ones that can withstand a sideways pull and are built on a firm foundation.  By securely fastening the house to the foundation, and securely connecting the house components together, the chances of withstanding the next earthquake are greatly improved.

Homes in California built prior to 1950 were not required to have the earth quake proofing standards that we have found are necessary to withstand the earthquakes that we experience in our area.


Retrofitting is an absolute must in earthquake country.  Without the retrofit your home can shift off it's foundation.  When this happens fires easily ensue from broken gas lines. Water pipes break and create additional damage and the property inside the home takes a severe beating.


Depending on the magnitude of the earthquake and the shift that takes place, without retrofitting, loss of life or serious injury could result.


Retrofitting simply means that bolts and bracing are installed between the frame sill plate and the foundation of your home and plywood is installed on the lower uncovered walls in two story homes.


These steps add reinforcement against swaying during an earthquake.


If you have an older home and don't know if it is retrofitted you will need to go under the crawl space of the home and look for bolts every 16 inches along the sill plate.   If they are not present, they can be installed by you or a contractor.

Bracing and pylon rebuilding and re-enforcing.


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